Why Choose Ace

Why Choose Ace Asphalt

Our Team
  • The most experienced team in the Southwestern United States for our scope of work
  • Trained and experienced in problem solving and value engineering methods to ensure that your project is as low-cost as possible without compromising quality.
  • Familiar with state-specific rules and regulations in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Colorado.
  • Well-versed in specific challenges associated with working in the Southwest's climate and with its unique topography and soil characteristics.
  • Honesty and forthrightness demanded and incented for all Ace Asphalt team members.
  • Dedicated project managers to handle your service from start to finish.
  • Multiple work crews for each service offered means greater flexibility in scheduling and phasing.
  • Effective systems in place designed to optimize our responsiveness to your scheduling needs as your project develops.
  • Multiple sets of core services equipment owned by Ace.
  • 24/7 fully operational and equipped mechanical maintenance and repair facility and roaming technicians to prevent breakdowns, and minimize the impact on your project’s schedule.
  • We use recycled asphalt from existing paved surfaces in greater than 90% of construction projects.
  • Proper dust control and storm water pollution prevention on job sites.
  • Company-wide recycling program participation.
  • Our fleet is required to use ultra-low sulfur diesel to fuel equipment,reducing levels of harmful emissions into the environment.
  • Systems in place to remotely monitor idling in vehicles in order to conserve fuel and lower emissions.
  • All hazardous materials disposed of through licensed HAZMAT contractors only.
  • All common area lighting in Ace facilities is on motion detectors to conserve energy.
Quality Assurance
  • Ace stands behind our work, even after the bill is paid.
  • Estimating quality control checks to ensure accurate numbers in your bid, and multiple perspectives on value engineering.
  • Systems that allow us to escalate any issues you might have until resolved and have real-time visibility into project status and budget adherence so that there are no surprises.
  • On-site quality control inspections to minimize any touch-ups and ensure proper application methods are used for a long-lasting finished product.
  • Post-job follow-up from customer service to ensure your satisfaction.
Safety - Protecting Our People and Property
  • Bonded and Insured to cover virtually any size project.
  • Award winning safety programs including Critical Behavior Observation Management.
  • Dedicated Safety Director on staff.
  • Trained and experienced in ADA standards for accessible design and other compliance initiatives.
  • All Ace employees are subject to initial hire and ongoing random drug and alcohol screening.