Speed Bumps, Signs, Sweeping

Speed Bumps, Signs, Sweeping

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November 29, 2018
November 29, 2018
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Speed Bumps, Signs, Sweeping

Small Details, Big Impact

You’ve paved, sealed and striped your parking lot, but your project isn’t finished until it’s ready for daily use – safely and properly.

That’s where Ace Asphalt parking lot finishing services come into play. From utility adjustments to reflectors, signs, sweeping and speed bumps, Ace has a full range of additional services designed to ensure your parking lot isn’t just durable, but also ready for people to drive, walk, run or park on it every day.

Make your new pavement stand up – and stand out. Request a free estimate for your parking lot finishing needs today, or contact us to find out how we can incorporate them in a larger project.


During the paving process, existing utility markers encompassed with a parking lot or roadway often need adjustment. These markers (such as manholes or water valves) flush with the old surface are lowered during the demolition phase for protection and unhindered use of the paving equipment. Once paving is complete, the markers are raised to the new surface level and a concrete ring is added. Speed bumps/humps/tables, signage and reflectors can also be installed during this time for proper traffic control and improved safety.

Sweeping the dust and debris from your asphalt and concrete pavement is an important step during any phase of your project. Many of our maintenance projects require a clean slate before we get started. And of course, cleaning up after our work is complete shows how much we value your property and our reputation.

  • Improved Safety:

    These services help keep you safer by not only eliminating unnecessary tripping hazards, but also providing proper traffic control.

  • Aesthetic Appeal:

    These services bring an attractive and professional appearance to any pavement surface.

3Available Materials & Options
  • Utility Adjustments:

    When repaving or replacing deteriorated asphalt, we will modify existing utility markers (manholes, water valves, etc.) incorporated within a roadway or parking lot to be flush with the finished surface to avoid being hazardous to vehicles or pedestrians visiting your site.

  • Speed Bumps/Humps/Tables:

    These provide the traffic calming solutions needed to improve the safety of residential roadways and parking lots. Whether you’re looking to install these physical measures, or repair your existing ones, we can assist you in bringing the proper traffic control to your property.

  • Reflectors:

    Raised reflective pavement markers improve a driver’s ability to see during times of low visibility. From traffic direction indicators to fire hydrant location identifiers, we can install or replace the proper markers your property may require.

  • Signage:

    Proper traffic control is essential for safety in parking lots and roadways. We install suitable signage for your property needs, including ADA-compliant handicap signs, stop signs and fire lane/no-parking signs.

  • Sweeping:

    Cleaning the dust and debris from your asphalt and concrete pavement can help prevent early deterioration. From a standalone service to a necessary step in many of our maintenance solutions, we provide sweeping to help your surfaces look their best and last longer. It is also an important part of the dust control and storm water pollution prevention measures we provide during our new construction services.

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