November 30, 2018
November 30, 2018
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Add Years to Your Parking Lot

When pavement deteriorates due to lack of maintenance, it can often seem like it’s at the end of its lifespan – and you may think you need to demolish it and rebuild a new parking lot from scratch. But with an asphalt overlay, you may be able to get more out of your asphalt than you thought possible.

Like a facelift for your parking lot, an overlay adds new life to older asphalt, repairing flaws in the existing surface and adding a new layer of pavement to the top – giving it a brand-new appearance for less.


Before paving begins, we can repair any distresses in your existing surface, concrete curbing or other structures, and remove any loose material or water from the surface. Our repair services can also include saw cutting, milling and wedging, skin patching and trench repair.

This prepares your site for the paving process, where we apply a new layer of asphalt over the existing pavement, then compact and smooth it. Your surface is now ready for final touches such as parking stall striping, directional lines and arrows, speed bumps, signage and more.


Resurfacing your existing parking lot with an asphalt overlay presents a number of benefits to your project – and your bottom line:

  • Customizable:

    Choose the right paving thickness for your project type and expected amount of traffic.

  • Improved Look & Durability:

    A pavement overlay will give your surface the look of a brand-new asphalt surface, adding as long as 10 to 15 years to your pavement’s lifespan. They can also reduce reflective cracking problems.

  • Better Traction & Safety:

    Asphalt overlays provide improved vehicle traction and reduce safety issues like trips and falls.

  • Lower Cost:

    Overlays are a less expensive alternative to full removal and replacement of your paved surface.

  • Faster Completion:

    Pavement overlays take much less time to complete – usually just days. This minimizes downtime for your road or parking lot.

3Available Materials & Options

We use innovative asphalt mixes custom-designed to tolerate the harsh conditions of the Desert Southwest climate. We can also customize your parking lot resurfacing project for a variety of traffic loads and conditions to provide you with optimal performance for an extended product lifespan. Standard options and materials include:

  • 1/2 Inch Mix Design:

    This mix is recommended for use in overlays on pavements with heavier traffic/loads for improved wear and resistance.

  • 3/8 Inch Mix Design:

    This mix, which has smaller particles of aggregate than our 1/2 inch mix, is recommended for use in overlays on pavements with lighter traffic/loads or with heavier foot traffic for pleasing aesthetics.

  • SS1H:

    This material is used as a bonding agent between pavement lifts. It is especially important between an existing pavement surface and a newly applied asphalt overlay to ensure the completed pavement structure works together to maximize surface strength and minimize delaminating.

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