Site Clearing, Non-Structural Demolition & Pre-Wet

Site Clearing, Non-Structural Demolition & Pre-Wet

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November 30, 2018
November 30, 2018
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Site Clearing, Non-Structural Demolition & Pre-Wet

The Beginning Determines the End

If your goal is to build a place for commerce, employment, habitation, recreation or travel, then you need a clean slate to work with. Site clearing, non-structural demolition, and pre-wet services provide that fresh foundation on which to build your masterpiece.


We are as anxious to break ground as you are, but years of experience have taught us that prior planning is as critical to the success of a job as what happens while on site. This preparation includes site design and survey, obtaining proper permits, city water meter setup, identification of utilities from records and through follow-up at your physical location...because records are not always reliable. We will also mobilize dust control and storm water pollution prevention measures on site prior to our work to ensure that any impact to the environment through our activities is minimized.

We are now ready to clear and pre-wet your site. Many sites contain remnants of old pavement, concrete or other surface foundations. As a demolition company we offer the right equipment and skills to remove these unwanted barriers as well. Whether natural or man-made forces had a hand in the condition of your site before our arrival, we will ensure it is ready for grading when we leave it. Because a palette of clean dirt free of boulders, trees, shrubs and debris is a beautiful thing.

  • Comprehensive:

    Full site-work package with one company.

  • Efficient:

    Thanks to our size, we have many options of equipment and crews to handle a variety of site needs while keeping production high and your costs low.

  • Ahead of Schedule:

    Start your project timeline off on the right path with a reliable partner who has a track record of exceeding expectations.

3Available Materials & Options

As we are clearing your site, rather than adding to it in this phase, materials required are minimal. However, as minimal as they may be, one of the most important elements used in demolition and earthwork is in fact the most important resource on our planet...water.

Water used to saturate the soil is the primary weapon to control dust and also enables our equipment to be more productive in digging and moving the soil around the site. There are a number of methods of water delivery for pre-wetting your site that may be an option depending on location and availability.

  • Piping:

    Tying into a water hydrant adjacent to the site, aluminum pipes or sprinklers are set up in rows for pre-wetting the soil up to five acres at a time.

  • Irrigation Rows:

    For native agricultural job sites, we are able to utilize the existing irrigation features of the land to pre-wet the soil before demolition. Water is typically pulled from adjacent irrigation canals or gates/bubblers.

  • Water Trucks:

    This conventional pre-wet method uses vehicles to bring in and apply water to a job site with minimal cut and fills required or when there is no water source available on site.

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