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November 30, 2018
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Saving You Money and the Environment Too

Don't let the destructive name fool you. Pulverization is an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally sound method of demolishing your deteriorated asphalt pavement to make way for the new.


Conservation is all of our responsibility, and we offer our clients the ability to do their part. Pulverization removes the distressed layer of existing pavement, as well as the old base material, and grinds them together to provide a recycled usable base for your new asphalt surface.

We won't just show up on your site though. Proper pre-work and planning is critical to the success of any project. Preparation for your project may include site design and survey, obtaining proper permits, city water meter setup, and mobilizing dust control and storm water pollution prevention measures.


Pulverizing your existing pavement once it is time to be replaced presents a number of benefits to your project - and your bottom line:

  • It's Great for our Planet!:

    Pulverized asphalt can be recycled for use as a base course for your new paved surface, or hauled away to be used on future pavements. Nearly 75% of asphalt pavement reclaimed every year is reused for new pavements.

  • Lower Cost:

    Use of pulverized materials can save you money off the cost of your project.

3Available Materials & Options
  • GSA:

    GSA is a recycled material consisting of ground-up asphalt and aggregate often used as a base layer for new pavement or as a ground covering to meet dust control regulations.

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