Milling & Wedging

Milling & Wedging

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November 30, 2018
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November 30, 2018
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Milling & Wedging

Integrating Your Asphalt and Concrete

Over time, older parking lot pavements may experience tripping hazards due to uneven integration of the asphalt to concrete gutters, sidewalks, or other structures. Asphalt milling and wedging are tools we use for trip hazard repair and to improve drainage in your parking lot. These services are frequently used to tie in an asphalt overlay to your existing surface and/or concrete edging.


Before we repair your parking lot, Ace will perform any required maintenance to your concrete surfaces adjacent to your asphalt pavement. Then, using an asphalt milling machine, we grind down or scarify your existing asphalt to the required depth. The ground material (or millings) are then swept up and hauled away.

Your parking lot is now ready for the next phase of maintenance such as replacement paving, overlay, fabric overlay, crack filling, seal coating or slurry sealing. A fresh re-striping and re-painting of markings add the finishing touches to your pavement.

  • Seamless Integration:

    Asphalt milling and wedging allow for an easier tie-in of new asphalt to your existing pavement or curbing, which can also improve drainage in your parking lot.

  • Improved Safety:

    Through trip hazard repair, you can help keep patrons and pedestrians safe on your property.

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