Cutting, Removal & Replacement

Cutting, Removal & Replacement

November 30, 2018
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November 30, 2018
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Cutting, Removal & Replacement

Before It Spreads...

Asphalt deterioration typically begins in smaller areas damaged by water or other outside factors, and can quickly spread throughout your parking lot. Watching for and repairing these areas early can save you a much more costly repair or entire parking lot replacement later. It's a service we like to call asphalt removal & replacement, or asphalt R&R.


Before we start asphalt cutting, removal & replacement, Ace will perform any requested maintenance to any concrete surfaces adjacent to your asphalt pavement. The pavement repair begins by outlining and then saw cutting around the distressed area. The defective asphalt is removed from the area and hauled away. Next, we inspect the subgrade to ensure no damage has been caused by moisture or traffic. If needed, base material such as ABC or GSA will be added and compacted to help support the new surface.

In preparation for the new asphalt, a tack coat is applied to the saw-cut edges for proper adhesion between the existing asphalt and the new material. The area is then paved with up to three inches of new asphalt at a time and compacted using a vibratory roller. Finally, the area is swept to remove any remaining debris.

The new surface is now ready for additional maintenance such as crack sealing, seal coating, slurry sealing, overlay or fabric overlay. A fresh re-striping and re-painting of markings add the finishing touches to your parking lot.

  • New Surface:

    We give you a brand-new wearing surface for improved vehicle traction and aesthetic appreciation.

  • Customized for You:

    We customize the thickness of the asphalt based on the type and amount of traffic you receive (1.5" minimum to avoid quality issues related to applying too thin of a coat).

  • Improved Drainage:

    This service can help alleviate any small grading and drainage issues you have where existing elevations and curbing permit.

  • Stronger Foundation:

    By removing the old material, we have the opportunity to discover and repair any subgrade issues that may exist.

  • Better Integration:

    Saw-cut versus jack-hammered edges result in seamless integration with your existing surface.

  • Enhanced Safety:

    Your new surface will increase the safety of pedestrians by reducing tripping hazards.

3Available Materials & Options

We use innovative asphalt mixes custom-designed to tolerate the harsh conditions of the Desert Southwest climate. We can also customize your repair project for a variety of traffic loads and conditions to provide you with optimal performance for an extended product lifespan. Standard options and materials include:

  • 1/2 Inch Mix Design:

    This mix is recommended for repairs on pavements with heavier traffic/loads for improved wear and resistance.

  • 3/8 Inch Mix Design:

    This mix, which has smaller particles of aggregate than our 1/2 inch mix, is recommended for repairs on pavements with lighter traffic/loads or with heavy foot traffic for pleasing aesthetics.

  • SS1H:

    Used as a bonding agent between an existing pavement surface and newly applied asphalt to ensure the completed pavement structure works together to maximize surface strength and minimize delaminating.

  • Aggregate Base Course:

    Serving as the supporting foundation for the top surface layers, this material may be made of newly quarried rock or recycled asphalt concrete.

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