Riverside Industrial Center


Guadalupe Roadwork Phase I & II
January 18, 2019
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January 18, 2019
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Riverside Industrial Center

Riverside Industrial

General Contracting

We Provide following Services: Paving, Concrete, Earthwork, Demolition, Striping-markings


    For KTR Capital Partners, nothing was more important than an accelerated development schedule. As the General Contractor for the project, The Renaissance Companies was looking for an experienced earthwork and paving company who could handle the scope of work within the desired timeframe.


    We worked with The Renaissance Companies to ensure the deadline was met so that KTR could secure the desired customer for occupancy of the entire site. We started by clearing and grubbing the site of all remaining farm growth/brush, then removed and disposed of all existing concrete & asphalt on site and at match points. After balancing the site to grade, we over-excavated the footings per the soils report, exported excess material from the site (including stockpiling the necessary materials for future phases), excavated retention areas, and lime stabilized the top foot of the building pads and under the concrete dock aprons. Once the retaining walls were backfilled, the area was compacted and fine graded for pads, landscape and hardscape areas. The paving scope included anywhere from 2-inch deep asphalt on 8-inch aggregate base course up to 5-inch deep asphalt in 2 lifts over 16-inch deep aggregate base course (offsite decel lanes on Buckeye Road and 49th Avenue). Finally, we striped 840 parking stalls, 28 handicap stalls, 2,693 linear feet of 4-inch lines, 490 linear feet of extruded curbing, and 29 fire hydrant marks. .


Notable Projects with Customer: Hensley Distribution Center, Cummins Rocky Mountain, San Tan 10, The Corridors, BNSF Industrial Center, Desert Foothills Shopping Center, Happy Valley Industrial Center.

Quick Facts/Technical Specs: ABC Tons: 25,153
Asphalt Tons: 21,272
Import/Export Dirt: 85,408 cubic yards
Number of Parking Stalls: 868

Paving, Concrete, Earthwork, Demolition, Striping & Markings
General Contracting

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