Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport


City of Phoenix 27th Avenue Transfer Station
January 18, 2019
January 18, 2019
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Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway

Public Works - Municipalities

We Provide following Services: Paving, Earthwork, Demolition


    Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport was in need of a new asphalt surface to service its existing wash rack. Their lot consisted of old concrete and dirt, and wasn’t draining excess water into the correct areas. Both issues were not conducive to keeping the rental cars clean as they were driven out of the wash rack. They needed a paved structure with proper water drainage and efficient traffic flow. Since hundreds of vehicles run through this facility on a daily basis, the entire project had to be completed while keeping the wash rack operational.


    We broke this job into two phases to keep the washing station active while we worked on the property. We demolished 100 cubic yards of existing concrete, then graded and exported 500 cubic yards of dirt to create retention areas for water runoff. Three drywells were installed within the retentions to dissipate the water into the ground. Aggregate base was then installed and compacted at 5 inches deep, then covered with 3 inches of asphalt surfacing.


Notable Projects with Customer: Recent resurfacing of terminal lots and perimeter service drives, and crack sealing of the long term parking lots.

Quick Facts/Technical Specs: Total Concrete Demo: 100 cubic yards
Total Area Graded: 8,000 cubic yards
Total Dirt Exported: 500 cubic yards
Total Area Paved: 65,000 sq. feet

Paving, Earthwork, Demolition
Public Works – Municipalities

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