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January 18, 2019
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January 18, 2019
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Mesa Ranch Plaza

Mesa Ranch

General Contracting

We Provide following Services: Paving, Earthwork, Demolition, Striping-markings


    Having previously partnered on a number of projects including The Reserve at San Tan and Residence Inn at Mayo Clinic, The Weitz Company knew their earthwork and paving needs on this project were in experienced hands. This became evident between the excavation and mass grading phases when the sub grade on the off-site deceleration lane became saturated due to some seasonal rain.


    We provided many options to The Weitz Company to solve this saturated sub grade issue. The final decision was made to use a geo-grid to bridge the wet sub grade below it. While this set back did put the project behind a little, it was less time than letting the site dry out on its own. The deceleration lane was paved with 5.5-inch deep asphalt on 10-inch deep aggregate base course installed in 2 lifts. For the onsite work, Ace cleared, grubbed, and pre-wet the site, overexcavated footings in accordance with the soils report, undercut 3,500 cubic yards of dirt from the underground retention area for needed fill to help balance the site, lime stabilized and graded the building pads, graded the landscape and hardscape areas, backfilled the truck docks, and paved up to 3-inch deep asphalt over 5-inch deep aggregate base course. Finishing touches included the striping of 667 parking stalls, 15 handicap stalls, 209 linear feet of 4-inch hashout lines, 193 linear feet of extruded curbing, and 7 fire hydrant marks.


Notable Projects with Customer: The Reserve at San Tan, Residence Inn at Mayo Clinic, Chandler Echelon, Arizona State Savings & Credit.

Quick Facts/Technical Specs: ABC Tons: 9,847
Asphalt Tons: 4,995
Number of Parking Stalls: 667
Import/Export Dirt: 19,836 cubic yards

Paving, Earthwork, Demolition, Striping & Markings
General Contracting

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