Guadalupe Roadwork Phase I & II


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Guadalupe Roadwork Phase I & II

Guadalupe Roadwork
Phase I & II

Public Works - Municipalities

We Provide following Services: Paving, Earthwork, Demolition, Striping-markings


    The major thoroughfares in the Town of Guadalupe had been in need of reconstructive work for years. The Town was allocated a specific amount of grant funds and wanted to make the largest improvement to these streets as possible. .


    By utilizing our contract with the Mohave Educational Services Cooperative, we were able to provide the best pricing and options to the Town of Guadalupe for their roadwork needs. Phase I called for the removal and replacement of approximately 7,570 sq. yards of roadway. We pulverized the existing roadway, reused much of the pulverized asphalt as base course material, repaved the roadway with 3 inch deep asphalt, made necessary utility adjustments, and striped a new school crosswalk. Phase II consisted of the same scope of work on approximately 25,980 sq. yards of roadway. It remains the largest roadwork project to date in town history.

    “Ace Asphalt did an excellent job in getting in and completing the project within a week without one complaint from our local citizens. We appreciate your project manager’s "sharpening of his pencil" and making acceptable modifications to be able to complete all the streets in the proposed area with the amount of grant funds that have been awarded for this project.” - Mark J., Town Manager


Notable Projects with Customer: Avenida Del Yaqui, Guadalupe Town Hall

Quick Facts/Technical Specs: Total Area Pulverized, Graded and Paved: 36,274 square yards
Customized Markings: School Crosswalks

Paving, Earthwork, Demolition, Striping & Markings
Public Works – Municipalities

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