New Construction

New Construction

Better Process, Better Projects

With a process defined by responsiveness and respect, Ace makes it easy
to get your new asphalt paving project started. Here’s how it works:

You start the conversation

When you request a quote from Ace, we’ll be responsive from the start, contacting with you within one business day to discuss your project needs and requirements. We’ll also arrange for plans, specifications, CADD files and any other needed bid documentation to be picked up, copied and returned to you promptly – so you won’t be waiting long before you receive your quote.

We review your project

Our team of professionals will collaborate up front to determine the best approach to your project, allowing us to offer the most competitive proposal possible – and the most accurate estimate of cost and timeframe. Our take-off department will also review your plans carefully, using advanced tools like 3D modeling and GPS topographical surveys when needed and applying an intensive quality control process to ensure we’ve got it right from the start.

You meet our team

At Ace, you get the ease of working with one project team – including an estimator who stays with you throughout the bidding process, and a project manager who is by your side as soon as your project starts. Your project team will meet you wherever and whenever you like for a pre-proposal review, where we strive to understand your goals and ensure we gather any remaining information needed.

We earn your business

If our proposal meets your initial approval, we’re also prepared to attend a scrub-down session to ensure both parties understand your project’s specifications and our proposal’s scope. Only when we have your complete confidence do we expect you to sign a contract.

We build it

We love the construction process – and we also love making our clients a part of it through constant communication and check-ins. When you work with Ace, you’ll always know your project’s status.

You provide feedback

At Ace, we believe our work isn’t done until you’re satisfied. We complete a review with you at the end of each construction phase, ensuring all punch list items are compete prior to billing. Our customer service staff will also get in touch about a month after your project is complete to get your honest feedback on our work – and to make sure you don’t have any loose ends to tie up.