Making Upkeep Manageable

Ace offers an easier approach to parking lot maintenance and repair – one defined by responsiveness and respect.
Here’s how we work with you every step of the way:

You start the conversation

When you request a quote from Ace, we’ll be responsive from the start. One of our experienced, professional estimators will contact you within one business day to discuss the details of your work, your expectations on timing and cost and to schedule an appointment to visit the site in person. When needed, we’ll also provide a dedicated project manager at this stage.

We review your project and site

Prior to visiting your site, our team of professionals will review detailed satellite photos to take rough estimates and obtain a working visual of your project. We then visit your site to assess its condition, taking measurements and photos to ensure you obtain the most accurate quote possible. For jobs with formal plans, your account team will also work hand-in-hand with our take-off department to ensure exact quantities and specifications are including in our quote to you.

We deliver the right proposal

We take both your bottom line and your desired results into account, crafting a quote and proposal that meet your unique needs. Each proposal is also thoroughly reviewed by your account team and includes a detailed breakout of phases, costs, materials and other needs for the project, as well as written explanations of inclusions and exclusions. Your estimator will call or arrange a meeting to walk you through this proposal in detail, answering any questions you have.

We earn your business

When you’re comfortable with our proposal and ready to move forward, just sign and return our quote. Now your hard work is over…and ours is just beginning.

We schedule work – and follow through

The time your parking lot or other facility is down is an inconvenience and costs you or your customers money. Our scheduling department is the best in the business at meeting seemingly impossible requests, or finding mutually agreeable solutions to difficult scheduling situations. Once we agree on the schedule, we lock it in. We can even notify tenants on your behalf, giving them plenty of time to prepare for the upcoming work. We’ll also make a reminder phone call 24 hours prior to your locked-in start date to double-check that everything is ready for work to begin.

We start work

Your Ace team will be at your site on time and ready to work. If you join us for the day, you’ll find our crews, supervisors, and superintendants helpful and professional. You’ll likely also run into someone from your account team checking on progress throughout the day to ensure your agreed-upon expectations are reflected properly in the work being performed.

You provide feedback

At Ace, we believe our work isn’t done until you’re satisfied. Before billing you, our account team will walk the site with you to ensure nothing has been overlooked. If any element doesn’t meet your agreed-upon expectations, we’ll schedule touch-ups right away. Our customer service staff will also be in touch about a month after your project is complete to get your honest feedback on our work – and to make sure you don’t have any loose ends to tie up.