Liquid Road: Is It Right For Your Asphalt?


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June 28, 2019
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Liquid Road before and after photo

Liquid Road: Is It Right For Your Asphalt?

Liquid Road, it’s polymer-modified and fiber-reinforced for ultimate durability but what does this really mean? In short, Liquid Road is a type of pavement coating that can be used to protect and renew existing asphalt. Although, this may sound like a comprehensive solution to all asphalt issues. Some factors to really consider before using Liquid Road include identifying the current state of the asphalt and the area’s traffic type. It may also be surprising to know that not all areas of a road or parking lot will require this specific treatment. For example, at the Cardinals State Farm Stadium parking lot, Senior Project Manager Hank Drenth, recommended Liquid Road to only be used in select areas based on porosity. Other areas of the lot were maintained with PMM, Polymer Modified MasterSeal, a type of sealant.

Drenth found the porosity, or roughness of the asphalt, in these areas of the State Farm Stadium lot to be an ideal fit for use of Liquid Road. In general, Liquid Road is a great option for roads with low traffic, neighborhoods, and parking lots. This treatment is also cost-effective and has a minimal impact on the flow of traffic.

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