5 Safe Reasons to Work with Ace Asphalt


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December 5, 2018
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5 Safe Reasons to Work with Ace Asphalt

This weekend marks the end of National Safety Month but that doesn’t mean efforts toward the cause have to stop here. Too many times, companies and people stop short because the job is sufficient or they have a fear of negative feedback. Here are five of our highlights from National Safety Month:

1. We Encourage Open Communication: The ability to communicate freely and without judgement is so important to safety in the construction industry. This month, a crew member was awarded for recognizing a potential hazard and bringing awareness to it. “He took the time,” Kent Francis, Director of Safety at Ace Asphalt, said. “He cared, he let someone know, and I am so proud of that and proud of him–that he wanted to do the right thing.”


2. We Focus on People First: From customers to employees, Ace Asphalt cares about the needs of people first. During a job at a medical plaza, crews identified high-traffic areas and began construction there first. Because construction began early, business was not disrupted.


3. We Care About the Details: From dog paws to employee first aid training, Ace Asphalt is always looking for ways to grow and improve as a company.


4. We Make Our Community Safe: Pavement provides a lot more safety to communities than it receives credit for. Potholes, dirt roads, and uneven pavement are hazards to not only vehicles but people.

5. We Make Our Community Accessible: Accessibility isn’t something you consider until it isn’t present. Pavement makes access to education, healthcare facilities, and businesses possible. In communities where roads aren’t paved, students have a tougher time attending and staying in school. The quality of life is also improved for people who require accessible parking and access ramps in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act.

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